Juli was a lovely partner during pregnancy and labour. Nice as a person and amazing as a doula!
During my pregnancy we had several conversations about my willings and possible options. We went through all the subjects ( about some I even had no idea) about the labour and delivery. She is really a person who you can ask form or just talk out everything what is in your mind.
I had a quiet long delivery/ labour, and Juli came both days in the middle of the night to help out or just be around. Knew all my preferences without a word, she was always there, where I needed extra support. Even after the delivery she was the one who helped to be together while I had a small surgery and my husband and son were together. So she was a live phone, and was running form here to there to give updates.
We are so glad that Juli was with us during the whole experience. For sure she is one of the reasons why I feel that I had a positive, and amazing delivery. It was really a miracle. Thank you to be part of Noel’s first day in this World!

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