Denise has been my Doula since June. I gave birth to my little girl Amaia on the 16th August and I had my final meeting, which climaxed with a post natal inspired Mexican ritual (rebozo closing ceremony) exactly when Amaia was 1 month old, so I am prepared to face the new world as a proud mamá.

Denise has been only a whatsapp message away all along, answering to all my queries, as crazy and picky as they might have been, and she always had a simple, prompt and useful advice for me. Knowledgeable, resourceful and a friendly support has been very much appreciated. The massages techniques for my husband proved to be very welcomed during labour as well as the spinning babies exercises. Thanks to your TENs device I managed to go through labour under control, as much as I could but I will never forget the hot water feeling you put on my on my lower back as soon as I got into the birth pool. I felt so peaceful and managed to regain my energy for the final pushes.
The birth story and the photo pics of the most important labour moments are amazing. Something we will well preserve and show to Amaia one day. She will be proud of your work too 🙂

All in all, considering Amaia is our first baby and we have no family in the country, Denise’s support has been fantastic! Many thanks Denise, I wish you all the success in your so enjoyed job 🙂 Let’s keep in touch. PS: the banana cake and the beetroot soup you cooked were delicious and good to know that they are very healthy. Thanks a lot for taking care of us.


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