I will never forget how Denise guided me through the birth of our second son. After having had a cesarean section the first time I gave birth and having difficulty recovering from that I really hoped to give birth the natural way the second time around. Somewhere around 37 weeks I did not feel so confident I could do this and I decided to search for a doula and found Denise. Without Denise I am sure I would have given up. She massaged my back for 18 hours during my non-stop (it felt like that) contractions and also calmed me down when I was about to panic. Her presence is so calming and comforting and now almost 1,5 year later I still vividly remember how she was there for me.

After giving birth Denise started cooking for us and she just made the most delicious food: soups, healthy cakes, breads, stews and other comforting meals. I still cook many of her recipes today. She was kind enough to continue doing this for a bit longer than usual and it was just a total treat at a time in our life where we could use it best!

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